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Europe Case Study - Shetland Tidal Array

The world’s first offshore tidal energy array was installed by Nova Innovation at Bluemull Sound in Shetland in 2016.

The Shetland Tidal Array has been powering the Shetland grid and delivering reliable, predictable power to homes and businesses since it was installed in 2016. Following the success of the first three turbines and the positive impact they have had on the local economy and Shetland’s carbon emissions, Nova is currently doubling the capacity of the Shetland Tidal Array to six turbines.

Since installation, the Shetland Tidal Array has delivered further game-changing commercial breakthroughs including the world’s first baseload tidal power plant in collaboration with Tesla, and the European Commission’s flagship €20 million EnFAIT (Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal) project, which is demonstrating the ‘bankability’ of tidal energy.


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Bluemull Sound, Shetland, Scotland


600 kW

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