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12th April 2023

EnFAIT (Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal), is a €20m Horizon 2020 flagship project completing in June 2023.

As the project moves towards completion, we wanted to share with you the targets that have been exceeded alongside other project benefits to demonstrate just how impactful the investment has been to the European tidal industry.

The project films below provide additional information on each achievement and will be updated until project end.


EnFAIT is all about delivery, impact and bankability, building investor confidence and moving the European tidal sector forwards.


Led by Nova Innovation, seven partners ranging from developers, operators and suppliers to research organisations, joined forces to deliver this ground-breaking tidal energy project. 


The data from our Shetland Tidal Array in Bluemull Sound has given us a greater understanding of the wealth of marine wildlife around our turbines. This knowledge is sector-leading and will be shared industry-wide to further build confidence in the future of tidal energy.


Reliability is vital to reducing the costs of tidal energy. Put simply, the longer a turbine runs without intervention, the lower the cost. EnFAIT original Turbine 3, Charlotte, has now run non-stop for 29 months (and counting) without any intervention, smashing the original 6-month target.  Our new turbines Eunice, Grace & Hali Hope (T4-6) are well on track to do even better.


EnFAIT project has demonstrated the powerful ripple effect of the Horizon 2020 funding by increasing the supply chain from 4 to 20 European countries across the project duration. With 100% of EnFAIT content coming from Europe, not only are we ensuring Europe’s energy security, we’re rapidly developing its energy manufacturing and supply chain security too. Pan-European collaboration like this boosts coastal communities, drives the blue economy and maximises expertise available therefore benefitting a wide range of European economies. 


One of the biggest benefits of tidal energy is its predictability, so knowing that tidal turbines are available to generate is key. 

When EnFAIT started, an industry-leading target of 80% availability was set. That target has been smashed with EnFAIT demonstrating 95% availability. The newer turbines, deployed earlier this year, are on track to do even better. 

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