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21st September 2018

NOVA Innovation will speak on opportunities for capturing tidal energy at a meeting of G7 Ministers on climate change, oceans and clean energy today.

The leading tidal energy developer is due to speak today (21 September 2018) with G7 Energy Ministers in a roundtable discussion focused on offshore energy development.

The discussion is part of a three-day series of meetings involving the G7 countries’ Environment and Energy Ministers in Nova Scotia, Canada, on the theme of ‘working together on climate change, oceans and clean energy’.

Tidal energy is an abundant global resource which is clean and – unlike other renewables – completely predictable,” said Simon Forrest, CEO at Nova Innovation.

“Our projects are demonstrating that it is becoming economically viable to generate electricity from the tides. By providing a supportive policy environment for tidal deployments, the G7 countries can accelerate the transition to clean energy."

“We are pleased to participate in the G7 Ministerial meeting and we look forward to discussing the opportunities for tidal energy development.”

Transformative projects that Nova is leading include the world’s first grid-connected offshore tidal energy array, at Bluemull Sound in Scotland, built by Nova in 2016. The project has been operational for more than two years. It will double in size through the EU’s flagship €20 million EnFAIT project, which will improve the reliability and availability of tidal energy arrays and make tidal energy bankable by reducing costs by at least 40%.

G7 Environment and Energy Ministers are meeting to work together on climate change, oceans and clean energy from September 19 to 21.

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