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12th April 2023

On Tuesday 11th April, Nova welcomed Scotland’s First Minister, Humza Yousaf, and Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy, Neil Gray, to discuss marine renewables and a new addition to Nova’s product portfolio.  

As well as discussing Scotland’s role at the heart of the tidal energy revolution, Nova’s proven technology and unrivalled reliability, we also announced the addition of floating solar to our portfolio.

Nova already offers a start to finish service for our tidal turbines (from consenting, design, deployment, grid connection to energy storage) and these skills are now additionally being utilised for floating solar projects. Floating solar, which is complementary to tidal, has huge global potential and offers employment and export opportunities for Scotland.

Later this year, we will be installing Scotland’s first floating solar demonstrator, with a multi-Megawatt international order pipeline underway.

As well as a boardroom discussion which touched on Scottish manufacturing, energy security and Scotland’s supply chain, the First Minister toured our manufacturing facility where the panels are being tested before their launch:

Humza Yousaf, Scotland's First Minister said:

“These panels give a fascinating glimpse into the opportunities for Scotland’s future energy system and are the first step towards harnessing our significant potential for floating solar.

“Scotland is already one of the most advanced hubs in Europe for the testing and demonstration of marine energy technology and I look forward to seeing where the panels will be launched in the near future.”

Simon Forrest CEO of Nova Innovation said: 

“With record-high energy prices and growing concerns over security of supply, there is an immediate need for Scotland to focus on homegrown energy from our abundant natural resources. 

“We were honoured to welcome the First Minister and Cabinet Secretary to discuss the economic benefits, job creation opportunities and the part Scotland can play in the global supply for renewable energy.” 

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