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Introduction to Nova Innovation

Nova Innovation is a world leading tidal energy company. We design, build and operate tidal turbines that generate clean electricity from the natural ebb and flow of the tide. 
We are powering a better future - join us on our journey.

COP26 and the Green Energy Revolution

We are living in a climate emergency and we need to act now.
Water waveTidal energy is key in the Green Energy Revolution Earth globe europe-africaTidal energy has global potential High voltage signTidal energy could currently satisfy up to 15% of UK demand and in the future this could be even higher. 

The EnFAIT Project: Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal

Nova Innovation is on a journey to make tidal energy mainstream - these are the latest developments from the world's first offshore tidal array in Shetland and the EnFAIT project.
We are powering a better future - join us on our journey.

Tidal cars driving Scotland to net zero

The tide is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Nova Innovation has made tidal energy a reality and is now 'fueling' tidal powered cars in Shetland.

Investment in Nova Innovation

Nova Innovation is a world leader in tidal energy with an award-winning team, proven technology and a successful track record for delivery.
Learn more about tidal energy, who we are and opportunities for investment in Nova Innovation.

The EnFAIT project

EnFAIT (Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal) is a €20m Horizon 2020 flagship project to advance tidal energy led by Nova Innovation.
For the first time in the world, tidal turbines will be moved around an array to study the effect on efficiency and cost reduction.

The TiPA (Tidal Turbine Power Take Off Accelerator) project

A European tidal energy consortium, led by Nova Innovation, has secured funding from the European Commission to demonstrate and validate an innovative subsystem (a direct drive power take-off solution) for tidal turbines.
The PTO subsystem is what transforms the mechanical power in the tidal turbine rotor into electricity.

The EnFAIT team reduces operational costs by 50%

In 2019 a breakthrough in tidal energy engineering was achieved by the EnFAIT project team at Nova Innovation.
This video showcases EnFAIT’s fastest ever pit stop – coming in at just under a week – helping to reduce the operational costs of tidal energy by more than 50%.

The D2T2 turbine

The D2T2 (Direct Drive Tidal Turbine) demonstrates Nova’s innovative direct drive tidal turbine technology and the evolution toward lower operating costs, improved reliability and increased energy output.

The Tidal Energy Storage System

Nova Innovation has collaborated with Tesla to create the world’s first baseload tidal energy project where tidal power can be stored efficiently and successfully meet the demand of local communities.

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