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Nova Innovation is a world-leading tidal energy company.

We design, build and operate tidal turbines that generate clean electricity from the natural ebb and flow of the tide. 


Nova Innovation is committed to making the world a better place - it is our reason for being.

Our mission is to deliver clean, predictable electricity for clients around the world from tides, estuaries and large river flows.  

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Our mission


  • 2022 – Nova exports its first turbine and completes the 5th & 6th turbines for the Shetland Tidal Array. 
  • 2021 - Nova creates the world's first electric vehicle (EV) charge point powered purely by the tide.
  • 2020 – Nova adds fourth turbine to the Shetland Tidal Array and wins further projects across Europe.
  • 2019 – We secure our first North American contract to install and operate 15 turbines in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • 2018 – Nova named European SME of the Year. Alongside Tesla they add energy storage and create the world’s first tidal power station that delivers baseload electricity.
  • 2016 – Nova installs the world's first offshore tidal array in Shetland. It has been powering homes and businesses for over six years.



Our 100 kW tidal turbines are designed for a wide range of site conditions, delivering industry-leading performance, reliability and exceptional energy capture. Our technology is installed in seas (deep water and shallow water), estuaries and large rivers; enabling clean predictable electricity to be generated for clients around the world.

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Our products


Nova has world-leading experience in assessing, designing, delivering, operating and maintaining marine energy systems – from tidal energy turbines through to subsea connectors, smart energy microgrids, energy storage and electric vehicle charging. We serve all parts of the blue economy including utilities, coastal populations and businesses.

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Tidal energy is global, abundant and a valuable source of untapped renewable energy.

Coastal populations around the world are now able to unlock this immense source of power on their doorstep. 

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