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Nova Tidal Turbines

Nova Innovation’s 100 kW tidal turbine is designed for a wide range of site conditions, delivering industry-leading performance, reliability, and exceptional electricity production. Our proven technology can be installed in seas (deep water and shallow water), estuaries and large rivers.

The NOVA M100-D

Nova’s world-leading technology has been powering the Shetland grid for over six years.
Our turbines supply electricity to homes and businesses on-grid and off-grid with no visual impact, no navigational hazard and a predictability that is accurate to the minute - days, months, and even years in advance.
Nova's highly experienced team has an exceptional track record for delivery.
Our modular, scalable, rapid deployment tidal systems are ideal for maritime markets around the world. Our turbines can be installed as individual devices or as multiples in arrays to create multi-MW scale capacity.

Technical Specification - Nova's M100-D Tidal Turbine

Rated Capacity

100 kW

Rotor Speed

10 to 27 rpm

Design Life

20 Years

Tidal Speed Range

0.5 - 6.0 m/s

 Blade Diameter

8.5 metres

Tidal Speed for Rated Power

2.0 m/s

*Typical configuration: can be adjusted to optimise performance at a particular site

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Key Benefits:

  •  Rapid deployment - our plug and play system enables our turbines to be containerised, transported and installed anywhere in the world using locally available infrastructure.
  •  No visual impact - our subsea turbines are invisible with no impact on the landscape, shipping or navigation.
  •  High reliability - our direct drive technology, robust design and blue-chip partners ensure high quality and low maintenance.
  •  High performance - years of operational experience have ensured our systems are highly efficient, ensuring optimum return on investment even in lower tidal flows.
  •  Environmentally friendly - our years of operating tidal turbines have demonstrated that our technology is eco-friendly - there are no dams, no barriers, and they work in harmony with wildlife and the environment.

The NOVA M100-D

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