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Energy Systems

The world is seeing a huge growth in micro-grids as consumers increasingly use local sources of generation to supply their power.

A micro-grid helps to balance local supply and demand by linking consumers with sources of power and energy storage, through the use of smart communication and control systems. This gives clients the ability to link demand with generation and bypass utility companies where the grid is weak or constrained, or there is no grid. 

Micro-grids are attractive as they bypass the high costs and long consenting times involved with building electricity grid infrastructure, such as pylons, to increase the capacity of the national grid. They also facilitate the transition to a greener energy supply by enabling the deployment of new renewable sources. Nova has developed a successful micro-grid system on the shores of Bluemull Sound in Shetland - you can learn more here.

Nova is working with CerWal to supply the energy control system for the HospiGREEN project in Wallonia, Belgium – the first Renewable Energy Community (REC) in the country.

A REC is a framework where consumers access locally generated and green energy via the local grid. As well as delivering environmental benefits, RECs improve energy efficiency and offer consumers a more cost-effective solution to their energy needs.

HospiGREEN has been operating in Tournai since November 2020. Renewable energy from three different sources (a wind turbine and two solar photovoltaic farms) is already being supplied to local hospitals and businesses via the local grid within the REC area. Read more here.

We are working with partners to design, develop and operate RECs across Belgium and the world.

With real-world experience of micro-grids, our team can provide energy system solutions which include design, development, installation and operation of micro-grids.

Energy System Services

Nova provides a complete service from concept to delivery, including:
  • Resource and system assessment for micro-grids
  • Full system design, including power electronics, balance of plant, grid connection, power distribution and protection, private wires, electric vehicle charging, energy storage integration and grid-islanding
  • Design for hardware instrumentation, monitoring and control systems
  • Full project development, from planning to installation and commissioning
  • Stakeholder engagement, including engagement with regulators and local utilities

Energy Systems

Key Benefits:

  • Local energy - power created by local tides and other forms of renewables can be used to meet the energy demand of clients.
  • Local solutions - Nova can deliver micro-grid systems to service remote clients with clean predictable electricity, bringing economic, environmental and social benefits.
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