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Turbine Services

As well as designing and building turbines, Nova offers a comprehensive range of services to help with installing, operating, maintaining and monitoring the performance of your turbines.


Nova has successfully installed more tidal turbines than anyone else in the world. As global leaders in this industry, our extensive experience and know-how has meant that we can operate in some of the world’s toughest marine environments and hostile climates.

Operations and Maintenance

We have years of experience in operating turbines for high reliability, low maintenance and optimum financial performance. We establish long term relationships with our clients, building confidence and patnerships to expand their portfolios. 


Our smart energy technology enables the turbines to operate autonomously on the seabed, while being monitored remotely from your home or office. Live data and video streams allow you to analyse turbine performance and optimise returns. Our technology has a proven track record of operating in one of the toughest environments on the planet.

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Turbine Services

Key Benefits:

  • Client led - we tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Trusted support - we work with our clients - we are with you for the journey.
  • Cost effective - we work in a responsive and transparent way that delivers cost effective services for our clients.
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